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Portugal in the European Lacrosse Championships 2020

The next Lacrosse European Championships will happen in 2020, on the Polish city of Wroclaw. Portugal wants to be there! Be part of this, REGISTER NOW!

Portugal Lacrosse players are starting to join forces in order to compete in the next European Lacrosse Championships

#CONQUISTAOSONHO is the motto for the campaign! Conquer the dream!

After being very close to being present at the 2018 World Cup in Israel, we need YOUR help to be present in the EC2020!

We are looking for:

- Portuguese lacrosse players,

- Portuguese lacrosse descents, with our without portuguese passport/citizenship

- Coaching staff

The first try-out will happen during the Lisboa Lacrosse Cup 2019 tournament on June 29 and 30, 2019, in Lisbon, Portugal.

It's very important that you are able to be present in the try-out, and also advisable to start working on getting your portuguese citizenship or passport.

Remember the Player Eligibility (Men) Criteria here

PRE-REGISTER: You can let us know of your interest filling the pre-registration form for both players and coaches over this link

In case you have any further queries dont hesitate to get in touch at

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